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Tobacco Trail Vape Juice By Cuttwood Review


Cuttwood has made quite a name for itself in the vape industry. The company is based in California and manufactures premium-quality vape juices. Cuttwood has an assortment of flavors on the market. Each one is unique and gives a whole new vaping experience. Cuttwood has about ten different flavors. Tobacco trails offers a unique tobacco and honey blend.

Tobacco trail is described as mild sweet tobacco with a hint of honey. The flavor description is spot-on. It’s a very yummy vape. It can easily be an all-day vape, especially, if you like tobacco-flavored e-liquids. You will relish the sweetness and the natural taste of this e-liquid. Cuttwood does not use any artificial flavoring.

Flavor description
With Cuttwood’s Tobacco Trail, you will get a mild tobacco flavor on the inhale. The tobacco has a very nice, earthy flavor. Even though it doesn’t appear in the flavor profile, you might also pick up hints of graham crackers in this blend. On the exhale, the sweet honey flavor dominates and you have hints of graham cracker a bit milder in the background and a somewhat spicy tobacco finish. It is a very nice combination of flavors.

VG/PG Ratio
Tobacco Trail has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. The cloud production of this e-liquid is massive. You might get the impression that its VG ratio is much higher. It has the type of cloud production that thrills cloud chasers especially if you set your RDA at above 100 watts.
If you steep the e-juice for a few days or months, the flavors really settle, and the taste is quite yummy. All e-liquids come from the factory already pre-steeped. Like taste, steeping is subjective, but it does really blend the flavors.

Nicotine Strength 

There is the option for nicotine strength of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The throat hit that you get from Tobacco Trail is quite mild. You will not feel any weird sensation such as itching in the nose or throat. There is no burning either.

All of Cuttwood’s e-liquids come in glass bottles that have a childproof dropper cap. There are different bottle sizes. You can opt for a 30 ml, 60 ml or 120 ml of Tobacco Trail. Getting a large bottle is more economical. The e-juice is very yummy, you may finish a 30-ml bottle in just two days.

On the label of the bottle is the brand name and the logo. The warnings about products containing nicotine and a bar code can also be seen. The label of the bottle has a very simple design. It’s almost entirely covered by the brand name and the logo.

You will get some of the best prices on the market at Pink Vape. A 120-ml bottle of Tobacco Trail is available for only $34.99 at this store. For a brand like Cuttwood, the price is exceptionally good and a real value for money. The website offers very good customer service. It is secure, easy to navigate, and orders are delivered very fast. There is also the possibility of making tremendous savings by obtaining coupon codes and using them for your next purchase.

Tobacco trail is great if you’re off cigarettes but still appreciate the taste of tobacco. It is for flavor chasers seeking to enjoy the great taste of tobacco. The vape juice is very different from the many candy-flavored or dessert-flavored vape juices often seen on the market.

Cuttwood e-liquids are handcrafted for high-quality and excellence. Each e-juice is carefully formulated, tested, and developed to deliver the best flavor. If you’re a fan of the Cuttwood brand, you might also embrace the Cuttwood culture which advocates a free and active lifestyle.

On a scale from one to ten, Tobacco Trail gets a nine. It is fantastic.