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TIMBR Organics Fire OG Hemp Disposable Review


If you’re looking for a small and discrete CBD vaporizer, TIMBR has some remarkable disposable vape pens which contain full spectrum CBD oil. The Fire OG Hemp disposable, is one of TIMBR devices. It was designed to give you that peace and relaxation you need after a long day. Fire OG is the perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Fire OG Hemp Disposables gives off the camping vibe where you feel like you’re surrounded by trees and sitting by a warm nice campfire. It contains natural terpenes which give it an earthy, lemon, zest scent and taste. This vape pen contains 500mg of Full Spectrum hemp oil and can give you up to 150 puffs. This means you’d get about 3.33mg of full spectrum CBD per puff. TIMBR designed this particular Hemp Disposable to help people deal with stress, energy, anxiety, focus, mood, and mental wellness.

You can use this disposable CBD pen without having to refill it, charge it, or change the coils.

The Fire OG CBD vape pen by TIMBR can easily become part of your bedtime routine. It has tank capacity of 1mL and a battery capacity of 350mAh.

TIMBR has a vast array of hemp products in its collection, such as emp cigarettes, Hemp pre-rolls, and cannabinoid-rich Hemp flowers.

A single Fire OG Hemp vape pen is going for $29.99 at the TIMBR Organics online store. A pack of 12 vape pens cost $359.88.