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Things You Should Know About DIY Ejuice


Against all the odds, vaping, as we know it, is here to stay. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping is a much safer alternative. There hasn’t been any significant evidence that shows the long-term impacts of inhaling flavor. Regardless, it likely is less damaging than traditional cigarettes. Vaping is a cool and effective way to kick the cigarette habit. No wonder, there are a lot of vapers everywhere.

Vaping is evolving every day. There was the era when vapers could only get their e-juice from stores, leaving them limited to the options that manufacturers present to them. Today, that has significantly changed. DIY e-juice has also come to stay, and even more, people are hopping on the DIY train every day. There are numerous reasons why you should too, chances are you already know a few of them. 

Why DIY E-juice?

As we said, there are numerous reasons why you should DIY e-juice. Let’s start with the fact that an average vaper has more than one flavor on hand as they vape. This is because your taste buds get used to most e-juices after a while of vaping, so you want to switch to keep the fun alive. This is not a bad idea, but think of how much it would actually cost to get just two e-juices.

Things You Should Know For DIY Ejuice

We could talk about how DIY ejuice can save you money, or how it allows you express your creativity and personality in your e-juice recipes, but it all would not match up to anything if DIY ejuice was not as simple and straight forward at it is. The ingredients you use in making ejuice is readily available and affordable too.

Before you begin any DIY e-juice recipe, you need to determine the mixing method you will be using. In DIY mixology, there are two methods of mixing; by volume and by weight.

  • Mixing By Volume

You will need syringes when mixing by volume because your measurements will be in ml. It will save you a lot to have a pack of syringes handy. You will need one syringe for each of the ingredients you will be working with. It is advisable to get 10-30m,l syringes for your base liquid i.e. vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). It is also advisable to get 1.5ml syringes for your flavor concentrates and nicotine. 

Things You Should Know For DIY Ejuice
  • Mixing By Weight

You will need an electronic scale. It is advisable to use a scale with a 0.01gram precision since you are dealing with e-juice recipes. Also, make sure the scale can weigh at least up to 200 grams, if possible 500 grams. This is in case you make e-juice in larger quantities. 

E-juice contains four basic ingredients; vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavor concentrates, and nicotine. If you use the right ingredients, making your ejuice will be safe and easy. Now let’s talk about the ingredients you should make sure to avoid.

  • Any type of flavoring that is not designed for vaping can be dangerous. Manufacturers like Flavorah produce flavorings specifically designed for vaping.
  • Any type of oil can be dangerous if you use it in your DIY e-juice mixture.
  • Any type of household ingredient that you feel might taste nice or is a good idea.
  • High concentrations of nicotine can be dangerous.

One final thing, you need to use an e-juice calculator. If you want to end up with accurate mixes according to your recipe, an e-juice calculator is essential. It saves you all the time you might have been using adding, subtracting and rounding off. Many e-juice calculators are available for free online but it is still possible to download it on your mobile or desktop and use them anytime you want.

Now you are all set with all the extra DIY ejuice knowledge. Go on and begin experimenting on new flavor combos never before seen. Have fun vaping your masterpieces.