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The Milkman’s Salt Pudding E-Liquid Review


The Milkman’s e-liquids hit the market in 2015. This e-juice line was developed in Los Angeles by Vaping Rabbit, the creator of Barbara Villegas. The brand quickly gained popularity and has become the standard for dessert e-liquids.  The Milkman has a range of milky dessert flavors. One of them is Pudding, which is arguably the best pudding vape liquid on the market.

The Milkman’s Pudding e-liquid is a dessert vape that has the taste of vanilla pudding and notes of sour lemon flavor.  The vape juice is very tasty. On the inhale, you can taste the creaminess. It has a dairy texture.  There is also the vanilla which adds a sweetness that blends well with the creamy pudding flavor. On top of all of that is the lemon. It’s not intense. You only get hints of lemon.

The different flavors come together well. The creamy pudding base is very bold and prominent.  Then the vanilla flavor somewhat kicks, and the lemon stays on top.

The Milkman’s Pudding e-liquid is available with either freebase nicotine or with nicotine salt. CThere is an increasing trend for the demand of e-liquids containing nicotine salt. You can get Pudding with 40mg of nicotine.  This is a nic salt juice so you can expect a smooth throat hit.

Pudding by The Milkman has the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 50/50. The equal VG/PG ratio allows you to enjoy a rich flavor and good cloud production.

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Pudding comes in a 30ml clear gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. The packaging design is simple. There is a label on the bottle with The Milkman logo and all the usual information. The bottle of e-juice is packed in a box which is designed like a milk carton.

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Some other fantastic e-liquids by The Milkman include:

  • Churrios – This vape juice has the flavor of fried crispy churros with sprinkles of cinnamon sugar.
  • The Milkman – The Milkman is a fantastic dessert vape consisting of a berry-flavored pastry in milk.
  • Little Dipper – This e-juice has the taste of sweet sugar cookie with a rich, creamy base.
  • Moonies – This e-juice has the mouth-watering flavor of vanilla cake with rich chocolate and fluffy marshmallow.
  • Strudelhaus – This is another delicious dessert vape. It has the flavor of sweet cream, pastry, and blueberries.

There are many other e-liquids by The Milkman on offer at the Smoking Things online store.

When you vape Pudding by The Milkman, you get the taste of real pudding. This is the perfect vape when you feel the craving for something sweet. If you like desserts, it will easily be an all day vape.