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The 1st e-Juice by Broke Dick Review




The flavour description of the 1st by Broke Dick says it’s fresh strawberries and vanilla custard that come together in a magical mix  of berries and cream , that’s topped with COOL whip. Get it before Uncle Sal steals the last crate. There is a nice full body to this mix. On inhale, you will immediately taste the strawberries and cream. This flavour combo gies you a sort of lip-tingling effect. That stays with you until exhale when a full custard taste with just the slightest hint of menthol take over. These flavours blend together perfectly, giving this juice a real strawberry ice cream vibe. The strawberry taste definitely lingers even after exhale. This is without a doubt the best strawberry and cream flavour that I have ever tasted, and to be honest, this old guy has tasted a few.

My bottle of The 1st was just a little ‘thin’ upon opening, so I did what was recommend and let it step for a few days. The result was a cheap e-juice that was bursting with flavour on each and every hit.


Broke Dick offers quality vape juice at a cheap price. Their image of both class and affordability is clearly reflected in their packaging. The 1st e-Juice has pretty much the same minimalistic packaging as the other juices in this line. There is one size that is available which is 120ml in a gorilla bottle and it is now on a buy one get one deal with the two being just $23.00. This bottle does not come with a drip or dropper top. Another smart marketing move to help keep costs down. They suggest using an old unicorn bottle or grabbing an extra top you may have lying around and help cut down on the garbage. If it turns out that you do indeed need a dripper top, Broke Dick has them available for small money.

The label is a simple glue-on style that has a Monopoly style cartoon figure resembling the Mayor and Mr. Moneybanks in a muscle sleeve shirt and cargo shorts that clearly have empty pockets and the company’s name Broke Dick in bold letters..

Despite the simple design, the brand name is quite unique and it alone is responsible for grabbing folk’s attention. The company’s founder and owner is Richard Broke. In an extremely clever advertising move, he took his name, did some creative rearrangement, and came up with a very attention-grabbing brand name. Each bottle of this amazing cheap e-juice comes with a Monopoly-style calling card. This is the brand’s signature calling card, and allows the vaper to have a special memory of the company. I’ve been collecting my ‘set’ of Broke Dick cards and still need two to complete the set. I think I know how to solve this dilemma.

Throat Hit

The 1st st by Broke Dick has a very smooth throat and did not leave my throat scratchy nor did it send me looking for something to drink. I had no problem doing repeated ten second lung hits with The 1st. This is kinda my own little test that I do , and this one passed with flying colours. With this smooth throat hit, there is a long-lasting impression of fresh strawberries in the aftertaste. A great vaping experience despite being a cheap vape juice.

Cloud Production

Broke Dick’s The 1st is a juice with a 70/30 ratio, yet it produces some dense clouds. These may not be completion-type but they are more than adequate to practice you tricks with. They do not dissipate right away , and leave behind a nice scent.

Final Verdict

The 1st is impressed me for sure. It’s a premium quality cheap e-juice that’s available at a very fair price. A great value for your money and could easily be an all-day vape.

Nicotine level  0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle size  120 ml

VG/PG  70/30