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Snack Shack Funnel Cake Ejuice Review


Funnel cakes are actually regional food that are well-known across North America. History says that these cakes date back to the early medieval Persian world when similar yeast-risen dishes were first prepared. Such dish started to spread across Europe then later on to America around 1879. It is quite easy to make one, and it is almost comparable to doughnuts. Funnel cakes are usually seen at carnivals, fairs, sporting events, and even seaside resorts. But now, you do not need to visit the state fair to get to taste delicious funnel cakes with Snack Shack Funnel Cake ejuice. Visit www.snackshackeliquids.com.

“Light and fluffy fried dough heavily dusted with powdered sugar makes this a carnival classic you can vape all day.”

If you have not tried funnel cakes yet, then this is something that will bring you close to that taste. Going in, your taste buds will enjoy that sweet powdered sugar taste. Take note that although I said sweet, it is not something that will irritate your throat. Its sweetness is not overly or overwhelming at all. Then mid-way until the exhale, your delicious notes of funnel cake appear. That funnel batter is really evident and you can specifically point that out regardless if you have tried a funnel cake or not before. Flavor is truly remarkable. I am out of words!

Snack Shack Funnel Cake will really suit those who are seeking for some dark and heavy kind of sweetness. With this vape juice, I recommend vaping this at or below 0.5 ohm and above 40 watts if you want a warmer and deeper flavor. Meanwhile, if you want more sweetness, Ceramic coils with Kanthal wire are more preferred for wattage mode. Oh by the way, this won’t shock your coils or atomizers. They do not gunk up your stuff. I tried vaping this for more than half a day, and my cotton still looked nice.

Flavor and cloud chasers alike will surely come running after this vape juice. Its vapor runs nice and smooth on the throat, and the throat hit it gives is mild enough just to let you know it is there. The scent it gives off makes you feel like there are funnel cakes floating in the air. Meanwhile, clouds are nice and fluffy, and they do not disappear right away. If you truly love funnel cakes, this will surely take you down the memory lane.

Presentation-wise, the bottle looks nice and western. Wrapped around the bottle is a brown colored label that bears relevant product information such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and size. The label displays a rodeo cowboy-ish kind of font. Meanwhile, the ejuice itself comes in a glass bottle with a child-resistant dripper cap.

There are three nicotine strength options available for Snack Shack Funnel Cake. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 6 mg of nicotine has a pleasantly mild throat hit and full-bodied flavor. The 3 mg level is the go-to for most vapers these days.

Those who are practicing their vaping skills prefer the 0mg level.

Overall, I am giving this vape juice two thumbs up for simply being incredible. Its Funnel Cake flavor is absolutely delicious and close to the real thing. Its vapor and cloud production are remarkable, making it a perfect all-day mate. You can even extend up to a week or month or for as long as you want. While this is a dessert, I have not experience any flavor fatigue by far. Presentation looks nice and price is worth every penny spent.

Purchase Snack Shack eliquids online to score the most awesome vape juice deals. You can now grab your own 60-mL bottle of Snack Shack Funnel Cake for as low as $24.99 only. The eliquid maker Snack Shack dedicates all its four blends to all the sweet tooth people out there. Its sweet and tangy pastry and candy flavors aim to bring your taste buds to a guilt-free trip of satisfaction. Available flavors in the lineup include Cotton Candy, Tangerine Dream, and Jolly Pop. Happy vaping!