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Smok Infinix Pod Kit Review


Smok has been in the news a lot recently with the release of its new mesh and strip coils. Apart from these new Smok mesh and strip coils, the company also has a new pod system called Infinix. This is one of the smallest pod kits so far from this company. It is straightforward to use. The device does not have any button. It does not support adjustable wattage or adjustable airflow.

The Smok Infinix Pod is made of zinc alloy and has a matte finish which makes it feel nice in hand. The device has a cube body with rounded edges which gives it a nice grip. The dimensions of the pod kit are 100mm by 19.5mm by 11mm, and it weighs just 22g. This Smok pod can comfortably fit in your pocket or bag without any issues.

The Infinix is composed of two main parts; the battery and the pod. The pod is replaceable. It features the tank, the coil, the airflow system, and the mouthpiece. The package includes two pods. You can refill each pod 5 to 10 times before you will need to replace it. You will know when you need to replace the pod because it will start to start to give you a weird taste.

To replace the pod, you need to pull it out of the battery. The tank is made of glass so you can see the exact level of the e-liquid you have. The refilling port is located on the side of the pod and has a small rubber cover. The port is, so a needle-tip squirt bottle is included in the package. You need to fill the needle-tip bottle with your e-juice before you can transfer it to your tank. This is one of the only con I have with the Infinix so far.

The tank that comes with the Smok Infinix can hold 2ml of e-juice. Once you fill the tank and slide it in, you are ready to start vaping. You need to let the device sit for 3 to 5 minutes for the e-juice to soak up the organic cotton wick before you can start using it. When you are using a pod for the first time, you need to let the device sit for 10 minutes before you start using it. As indicated above, the device does not have any button. To use it, you merely need to take a puff, and the heating element is automatically activated. The flavor that you will get from the Smok Infinix is terrific. The vapor production of this device is pretty good too. The airflow design of the Infinix is just perfect. It is not too wide or restricted. There are two airflow slots on both sides of the pod. When you take a puff, the air goes in through the sides and up through the central airflow hole.

The Smok Infinix pod comes with a non-removable 250mAh battery. The package includes a micro USB cable for charging the device. The USB port is located at the base of the device. The battery that comes with this Smoke device is not very big. You may not be able to chain vape on it for an hour. Thankfully, it supports pass-through charging so you can safely vape while it is charging. The wattage range of this device is 10 to 16 watts.

The Smok Infinix comes with different safety features including low voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and an 8-second cut-off limit. This is one of the best pods on the market today.

The Infinix pod is available in gunmetal, red, and blue. You can get this Smok pod at the Atomic Dog Vapor online store for only $21.99. You can get a pack of three replacement pods from this online store for only $8.99.