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 Slow Blow E-Liquid by Nasty Salt Review


As you know, there are as many e-juice flavors as there are brands. Out of the many e-liquid brands in the industry, some have been able to stand out. Nasty Juice is one of the few brands well-known in vaping communities across the world for its impressive e-liquids. The Nasty Juice brand is reputed for the premium quality of its e-liquids. This post focuses on Slow Blow, a superb e-juice belonging to the Nasty Juice nicotine salt series. Slow Blow is one of many in the Nasty Juice nic salt series. Vapers who enjoy higher concentrations of nicotine will appreciate nicotine salt-based e-liquid. 

Slow Blow offers a delicate mix of fresh pineapples, lime soda, and notes of mint. These flavors combine to make Slow Blow an excellent vape. This e-juice flows easily from inhale to exhale. Unlike other e-liquids, Slow Blow does not have any chemical notes or harsh tastes. Slow Blow is the kind of e-juice you vape all day long. When you inhale Slow Blow, it is the taste of the lime soda that you first taste. Afterward, the juicy ripe pineapple flavor comes alive. On the exhale, the low mint flavor erupts. The blend of citrus and mint flavors is exciting. 

Slow Blow by Nasty Salt contains 50/50 percent VG/PG ratios. This e-juice also contains high-quality nicotine salt in different strength levels 10mg, or 20mg. Slow Blow has a smooth throat hit and never leaves you with any unpleasant aftertastes. You can vape this Nasty Salt e-juice using low-wattage vaping devices. Never vape Slow Blow with a tank or RDA. 

Slow Blow by Nasty Salt comes in 10ml bottles like other flavors in this nicotine salt e-juice series. You can buy a 10ml bottle of Slow Blow at Vape Green for £3.99.

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