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Joyetech Exceed Grip has a Solid Vape Production: A Review


Pod system devices are getting more popular these days as nicotine salt vape juices start to get trendy. Obviously, both big and small brands are testing their luck in the emerging industry.

Joyetech is one of the major players in the vaping industry. The company, which is one of the largest manufacturers of vaping hardware in the world, has joined the bandwagon, to produce compact, user-friendly devices for nicotine salts e-liquids.

Today, we are going to review one of its products: the Joyetech Exceed Grip. Based on its sleek design, I guess many of you are wondering what this little thing can offer. Will it be one of the best vape pods in the market? Scroll down and read my review below.

First off, for a small device like the Exceed Grip, its plethora of unique features is quite impressive, setting it apart from other all-in-one devices and pods.

Joyetech ensures that everyone can use the Exceed Grip as it comes with two kinds of side-loading cartridges. One offers direct-to-lung hit using standard, regular vape juices, and the other provides mouth-to-lung hits with nic salt e-liquids.

This feature clearly made Joyetech’s device ahead of the other brands. But the brand stepped up more, with the introduction of the Teros Pod, the Atopack Magic, and Runabout pod.

Its kit is available in two different options. The standard kit contains an Exceed Grip battery, a 4.5 mL standard cartridge, a 3.25 mL pod cartridge, two EX-M 0.4 ohm mesh coil, a USB cable, a user manual, and a warranty card. It costs $36.80 only at the Joyetech online store. On the other hand, the 2mL kit basically has the same things inside, although there are some variations. You will get a 2mL standard cartridge with pre-installed EX-M coil and 2 mL pod cartridge instead.


Once you receive your kit, you will be shocked at how adorably small this rectangular box-shaped mod is. It comes with nice rounded corners, textured grips, and panels on both sides. If you turn it upside down and check side to side, you will notice that a brushed metal ribbon run around the mod’s base, top part, and narrow areas.

The mod also comes with a lipped connection of high-quality 510 Delrin drip tip at the right side of the top area. Then just below it, you can see Joyetech’s funky cartridge that slides into the center of that side. Thankfully, the pod clips in and out with ease, a light pull and push will do.

Now, let’s head to the left side. On the top part, you can find the very accessible and “clicky” fire button, with a size that is enough for the thumb. A horizontal LED light runs along the side with the fire button with a micro USB port below that.


Sometimes, vapers look beyond the looks and check the performance instead – which is a good thing. Since the Exceed Grip boasts of a pre-installed 0.4ohm direct-to-lung cartridge, you can expect smooth vapor production from this device.

It is important to note though that while the device has solid vapor production, this is not what the pod system was designed for.

But anyways, for a mod with a size of 74×20×21 mm, I honestly did not expect much. But I was impressed by its ergonomic design. Under the hood is a massive 1000 mAh internal battery that can surely last all day long.

Dry Burn Protection

As you may have noticed, Joyetech takes pride in its dry burn protection, which prevents firing when the tank is out of vape liquid. I really had to try this technology out, and guys, it works!

Overall, the Joyetech Exceed Grip is a compact and innovative device that you can rely on for solid vapor production and battery life. However, its flavor was not as rich and full as expected, but this issue is common with most small pod systems these days.

But I think this will suit nic salt lovers who are looking for something neat and portable and who are more concerned about throat hit and vapor than flavor.