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Hustle Juice Review: Top 3 BOGO E-juices You Should Try

What is better than a new bottle of vape juice? Two bottles of e-liquids! If you want to snatch two bottles of e-liquid for the price of one, then you are absolutely in luck. Humble Juice has been running buy-one-get-one (BOGO) promotions since forever. What’s more, there are plenty of choices available. So before you get your head dizzy, we have picked the best of the bunch under the Hustle Juice Co. and listed it all here for you. Check out each flavor below and see if they suit your taste.

Stacking Chips E-liquid

“Creamy mint chip ice cream that is sure to delight!” Some combinations are just heaven-sent, and this is one of the best examples. A flavor such as this is not common to find in the industry. Thankfully, Hustle Juice did a good hustling job to create something that resembles like the real one. On the inhale, you will experience the heavenly and refreshing taste of mint ice cream. Then shortly after, the sweet and rich taste of chocolate comes in. Together, the two flavors complement each other to create Hustle Juice’s decadent Stacking Chips e-juice. For a mint lover like me, the incredible aroma coming from this vape juice makes the vaping experience more enjoyable. Regardless if it is a mid-day treat or a dessert, you will surely enjoy each puff from this vape liquid.

2.  Sugar Daddy E-liquid

“Lightly toasted coconut macaroons with a hint of rum for a little edge.” We all have tasted coconut macaroons from other brands. But a few drops of rum added to the blend sounds a bit exciting, right?  On the inhale, Sugar Daddy will bring an impeccable coconut taste into your taste buds. As if this is not good enough, notes of an oven-fresh, sweet, and buttery macaroon shortly follow after. After which, the interesting and exciting note I was talking about earlier will surprise your senses. Subtle rum essence will give that twist like no other. Overall, this is a nice dessert blend with a delicious taste. I love how the mixologists perfectly intertwined the coconut, macaroons, and rum altogether. Trust me, this is not something you can easily find anywhere else.

Jackpot E-liquid

“A tasty raspberry filled donut with icing! Our newest flavor to the Hustle collection.” The instant you take a puff on this e-juice, “jackpot!” is perhaps the first word you will say. Here’s a piece of advice, prepare your taste buds as both the inhale and exhale is packed with a brim of non-stop flavor sensations.  The moment you hit your fire button, your taste buds are going to be greeted with a strong raspberry frosting flavor. Thankfully, its nicely balanced sweetness will not irritate your throat. Shortly after, notes of freshly baked donuts follow. Without a doubt, this e-juice will bring in an irreplaceable experience, all thanks to the mixologists who perfected this flavor ratio. All vape juices from Hustle are a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. Thanks to this high VG ration, you can expect huge clouds being chucked into the sky. Also, whatever flavors you chose, rest assured that your taste palate will experience that flavor sensation in no time. Another thing I love about this lineup is the fact that the vape juices have a very subtle throat hit. This allows you to totally enjoy the flavor it offers from start to finish. As I said earlier, throat irritation or even the common burning sensations will not get in the way if you want to take huge rips with big clouds. By far, I did not have to deal with excessive coughing as well, which is a usual phenomenon when vaping dessert-flavored e-liquids.  The vape juices have been pre-steeped for two weeks or longer. It contains natural and artificial flavoring, USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, and USP nicselect nicotine.  Grab the BOGO deal, and get two hefty 60mL bottles of Hustle Juice for as low as $15.99 only. I don’t have to do the math for you. And it is obvious that this is one of the lowest prices you will see in the market. Simply visit https://humblejuiceco.com to buy and check the entire collection. Trust me, you can never go wrong with Hustle Juice.