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How To Make DIY E Liquid

How To Make DIY E Liquid

DIY Eliquid is something every enthusiastic vaper wants to give a shot. Not only do you have the freedom to create your own unique e liquids, you also get to save a ton of cash and still keep up with your vaping hobby. As a result, DIY Eliquid is a fun, rewarding and economic solution to personalized vaping especially for transitioning smokers.

What Ingredients Are Needed To Make DIY E Liquid?

E liquid, even commercial brands are all made of the same key ingredients. The only difference is in the profile i.e. their proportions and the flavor combinations used. This, in essence, is what makes one e liquid different from another. The key ingredients are:

  • The base ingredients consists of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG)

The base ingredients make up about 70% of the e liquid as they form the medium to vaporize the other ingredients making them safe for consumption. In the end, they are responsible for the visible vapor when you take a drag.

  • Flavorings

When making your choice of e liquid flavorings, you have the freedom to experiment and use assorted flavors. Just make sure you are using flavorings that are safe, healthy, and fit for vaping. You can find a rich selection of eliquid flavorings like this on flavorah.How To Make DIY E Liquid

  • Nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive element in e liquid. Together with flavoring, it makes up the remaining 30% of the e liquid. It is not a compulsory ingredient in an e liquid mixture as it is there to give you that signature ‘hit’. As a result, if you are not used to nicotine, you may want to leave it out completely from your DIY e liquid.

In some cases, you may find additives included in the mixture. You can also use distilled water but it is usually opted out. 

For you to know how to make DIY eliquid, we will start with a sample recipe. This will be a simple guide for a 60ml, 6mg green apple e liquid with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 50/50.To begin, these are the ingredients that you will need:

  • PG base liquid 500ml
  • VG base liquid 500ml
  • Green apple e liquid flavor concentrate
  • Nicotine 10ml

Once you have all these, you need a few supplies to get you on your way. Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • Dropper bottles for storage
  • Syringes, pipettes
  • Safety gear like latex gloves and goggles

How To Make DIY E LiquidMaking DIY E Liquid

First, you need an e liquid calculator handy. You can download it as an application on your phone, or you can use the plethora of online resources. Using an e liquid calculator will ensure you get accurate ratios and exact measurement while you make your own e liquid uk.

Step 1: Determining Your Nicotine Strength

If you are not including nicotine in your DIY e liquid, you can go ahead and skip this step. If you are adding nicotine, then you need to determine how much nicotine you will be using. When measuring nicotine, make sure to pay close attention and don’t go overboard. Even just a little too much nicotine can ruin the best diy e liquid recipe.

Step 2: Putting Together Your Flavoring

Once you have selected the e liquid flavorings you will be using in your diy recipe, you can go ahead and calculate them using the e liquid calculator to know how much of each you will be mixing in your diy recipe. Note that e liquid flavorings are incredibly potent so make sure to stick to the measurement. It will not pay to use too much. 

Step 3: Measuring Out Your Bases

This is the final part of the mixing process, the remaining 70% of the DIY e liquid. If you are using a solution including PG, then make sure to take note of it when calculating. If you are using a 50/50 ratio, then make sure you have equal proportions of both bases in your diy e liquid mixture.

Step 4: Shake and Steep

Once you are done mixing, cover up the bottle and shake vigorously. This allows all the individual ingredients to blend perfectly. You can leave it for some hours to settle and then give it a try to know if you are satisfied with the mix. 

The final step is steeping your fresh e liquid. This involves leaving your e liquid for a long period of time. iT could range from one to four weeks depending on the nature of the flavoring you used. Steeping dramatically improves the overall flavor of the e liquid.


Every part of the DIY eliquid process is just as important. You may not get it perfectly at first, which is why you should always start with small batches. However, a little more practice and experience, and you will be making e liquid just like the pros.