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How to Get the Most out of Your New Coil


As you use your vaporizer, you will gradually start to see low vapor production and less good flavor. Following possibly 14 days, you will begin encountering a dry taste, telling that the time has come to change your coil. While a lot us essentially fill the tank, screw on the new coil and start vaping, it is recommended that you first prime your new coil before you start using it. Doing this will considerably improve your vaping experience.

Priming a coil essentially means putting a few drops of e-juice on the wicking material before using it. This dampness will keep the wicking material from overheating and burning off. It will also help the wick to soak up the e-liquid from the tank.

How to Prepare a Coil for Vaping

Preparing an atomizer coil is simple, just take after these means :

Stage One: Attach the New Atomizer Coil

Once the old coil has been discarded, fasten on the new one in its place.

Stage Two: Prime the Coil

Find the juice gaps on the body of the atomizer head, where the e-liquid enters the wick. A few coils are made with the cotton standing out of the gaps, while others have the wick behind them. In either case, the wicking material will be easily visible. Put one or two drops of e-liquid on the wick. The number of drops of e-juice to put on the wick depends on the type of coil you are using. Small coils like the Smok V12 Prince Strip Coils and Smok V12 Prince Mesh Coils will require a drop or two of e-liquid, but some bigger coils may require more.  You can tell when you have put enough e-juice because your wicking material will be soaked. However, do not over-soak it as this may cause flooding of the liquid into your mouth. Keep in mind, your objective is to wet the cotton a bit not soak it.

Stage 3: Take Some Hits

When you have filled the tank, connect it to your battery. Then let it sit for at least five minutes. After that, take a few drags without pressing the firing button. By doing this, you will pull the e-juice from the tank to the cotton. However, make certain not to take too solid hits, nor take more than five of them.

Stage 4: Break-in The Coil

Although you have primed your wick, you also need to break-in the new coil. Since the wire expands when heated and contracts when it cools, it is a great practice to gradually break the wire in. To do this, begin vaping at a lower wattage than you typically do. After a couple of hits, you can gradually increase the wattage to your desired level. You can take shorter drags for the initial 10 puffs so that the coil doesn’t get overheated. This gradual increment in wattage and puff duration will ensure that the coil is well prepared.

The benefits of taking the time to prepare your coil include a longer lifespan for the coil among other things. Also, you will have a more enjoyable vaping experience. It’s a win, win situation!

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