Get the Most Flavor out of Your E-Juice


    Are you a chaser or a flavor chaser? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle.

    There is nothing wrong with chasing vapor clouds or stuffing your face with a mouthful of flavor. While there are tons of guides on how you can get more vapor from your e-juice, there are not many on how to get the most flavor from your e-juice.

    One of the upsides of vaping is the abundance of flavor options and the freedom to try out many flavors. Even cloud chasers need a rich flavor to make their vaping experience complete, so flavor matters to every vaper. For that, you need high-quality flavors like those sold at

    How do you get the most flavor out of your e-juice?

    1.   Wattage and Temperature Settings

    One of the simplest ways to get the most flavor out of your e-juice is by adjusting the settings of your vape device. E-liquids contain different ingredients, and flavors vaporize at different temperatures.

    When looking for the best wattage and temperature setting for flavor, you should start from lower settings and work your way up until you hit the jackpot. Since some flavorings vaporize at different temperatures, you will need to experiment to find which works best for you.

    1.     Reducing Airflow

    If you have a lot of air going through your coil, the vapor gets less dense but you get huge clouds. This is good for cloud chasers, but more air equals reduced flavor. So, another way you can get the best flavor out of your e-juice is by restricting the airflow.

    Closing off the airflow reduces the amount of air going through your coil which produces a denser, warmer vape that carries a lot more flavor.

    If you have an adjustable airflow system on your atomizer, this will be easy to do. Balance is crucial here because if the airflow is completely closed off, you will have poor vapor production and the vapor may be uncomfortably hot. Just like the wattage and temperature setting, start from a tight airflow setting and gradually adjust to a looser airflow setting until you hit the sweet spot.

    1.     PG Ratio

    Since propylene glycol (PG) does not affect the flavor of a vape juice like vegetable glycerin (VG), it is easy to think that the more the PG, the richer the flavor. While more PG will improve the flavor considerably, you should keep in mind that a higher PG ratio will give you a stronger throat hit.

    Cloud chasing vapers tend to prefer e-juices with high VG ratios while flavor lovers prefer e-juices with high PG ratios. If you make your own vape juice, knowing this will help you to make your e-liquid without sweeteners and still enjoy full-on flavor.

    All the airflow adjustment, the wattage and temperature settings will not mean so much with an e-juice that is not designed to produce maximum flavor.

    1.   Clean Your Equipment

    Cleaning your equipment every now and then is a good idea. As you vape, juice can build up in your tank, and when this happens, you end up with stale vape even from a fresh batch of e-juice. Whenever you vape and the flavor tastes harsh, burnt, or muted, it is advisable to change your coil and clean your tank.

    1.   Fight Flavor Fatigue

    You may have heard or even experienced a phenomenon called flavor fatigue, otherwise referred to as ‘Vapers Tongue.” You find that after you have vaped one type of flavor for a long time, the taste becomes almost muted to you. This is what is called vaper’s tongue.

    Vapers tongue is something every vaper has/will encounter. When you do, try changing flavors, drink lots of fluid especially if you have been vaping high PG e-juices. The chances are that the flavor fatigue will go after a few days.

    Getting the best flavor from your e-juice is not a herculean task at all. These tips will set you on the right path. Try them out and you will certainly begin to experience more flavorful vape experiences.