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Eleaf Tance Starter Kit Review


If you are not a newbie to vaping, then you know that pod systems offer a tonne of unique features with varying degrees of success. One of the aims of many brands out there is to design a pod system that perfectly mimics a traditional cigarette experience in a bid to help smokers make a hassle-free transition.

Right from its establishment in 2011, Eleaf has always been devoted to providing vapers with high-quality products. Eleaf integrates cutting-edge technology in their products, to ensure the best performance a vaper can experience.

In this review, we will be looking at an exciting pod system from Eleaf – the Eleaf Tance. There is a similar model called the Tance Max which has slightly different characteristics from the Tance. Tance is slightly shorter, thinner, and lighter than many other pod systems in the market, including the Tance Max.

Packaging Design

Something very common with any pod system made by Eleaf is the style of packaging. Eleaf does a fantastic job presenting their products, and the Tance Starter Kit is no exception. The kit comes in a neatly packed cardboard box with an image of the Tance device on the front, and a list of the contents alongside some warnings on the back of the box.

Inside the kit, you get One Tance battery together with One Tance 1.2ohm cartridge. You will also find One Type-C USB Cable and One User Manual. The kit does not hold so much, but it has about everything you need to get on your way.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of the design, the Eleaf Tance Starter Kit is made primarily of zinc alloy and high-quality plastic inserts. The Pod device comes in a variety of creative finishes, including Black, Macaron, Black Streak, Scarlet, Star, and White Streak, so it is left for you to decide which of the options best suits your inner vaper. Tance has a nice bevelled shape and pocket-friendly size, which makes it easier to carry around without any hassles.

The Eleaf Tance is 96.6mm tall, 24.0mm wide, and 14.0mm thick. Its size and shape make the Tance very comfortable to hold in the hand, and it is not too light as well. The pod device adopts IML Technology and an Ergonomically-friendly Mouthpiece. It is very stylish, and it will perfectly fit your lip when you go in for a draw.

The Tance uses an automatic switch to activate its inbuilt battery, so there are no buttons whatsoever. It is one of the features that give the Tance a cigarette-like resemblance.

The Eleaf Tance features a 2ml refillable e-juice pod, which means you can use any one of your favourite e-juices with this pod device. The coil head in the pod has a resistance of 1.2ohm, which makes it very suitable for nic salt e-juices. The Tance features a creative bottom-squeeze refill, which makes refilling the pod a lot faster, and more convenient. You simply refill by squeezing the fill slot on the bottom of the cartridge.

The device has two different airflow inlet holes on the two sides of the Tance device. You will be able to get two different vaping experiences by inserting the cartridge into the device in two ways.

Battery Life and Performance

The Eleaf Tance pod system sports a strong 580mAh Inbuilt battery with an output wattage of 10W, and a resistance range of 0.3-3.0ohm, which is powerful enough to give you thick clouds, and yet amazing persistent flavour. It is not the largest pod system battery capacity in the market, but it does come in handy. Depending on the kind of vaper you are, you may not need to charge this device so frequently.

It is possible to use the Tance as a pass-through, while it is charging. Even on the go, the Tance can still keep you vaping for a while. Together with the Type-C USB charging compatibility, you can enjoy vaping all day, and recharge from zero to full in no time at all. The Type-C USB charging port is located at the bottom of the device, and it offers a convenient and secure way to charge.

The Tance device has an indicator light on the front of the device which enables you to monitor your battery while you vape. It has two colours to show the device’s battery level, Green for when the battery is sufficiently charged, and red for when the battery is low (below 20%), and in need of a charge.


You can get your Eleaf Tance Starter Kit on Eleaf World within the price range of $23.19-$27.60 depending on your region. You can count on this Eleaf product to get you started on your vape journey if you are a newbie, and keep you constantly excited with every draw of you are already an experienced vaper.