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DIY Vaping: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice

DIY Vaping: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice

It is without too much argument that we can say that a good number of vapers are now more about individuality and personalization. This is because a great vape is all about taste and individual choices. What is good for one may not be good for another. As a result, you find that a vast variety of vape manufacturers produce so as to satisfy the ever divergent needs and preferences of vapers everywhere. It does not stop there, some vapers go into mixing their own personalized e-juice. If you are new in this category, you find a lot of diy recipes vape enthusiasts such as yourself have experimented on and even perfected so you can know what to mix together to get a perfect vape. Then you can go ahead with your own experiments.

One of the reasons why vapers prefer to DIY their very own e-juice is because of the cost of buying e-juice. If you are a sub-ohm vaper, then you will agree that it is very easy to burn through 10ML of e-juice in a day which is not exciting especially when you vape a lot. Another reason is because often times choices can be limited. For example, you feel like vaping a flavor profile that is not existing, or maybe your vape shore is out of your preferred nicotine level.DIY Vaping: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice

DIY e-juice is a solution to all these and many more problems. All you need is a few DIY recipes and the right supplies to get you charting on course, and opening you up to a world of innovative and personalized vape juices.

What is DIY E-juice?

Without further ado, making your own e-juice involves mixing together the three main elements that make up vape juice. The base liquids: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and flavoring (natural or artificial). Nicotine is usually based on individual preference, so if you want it then you can include it. Making your own e-juice is a lot simpler than you can imagine. You do not need any knowledge of chemistry or whatsoever, all you need is to get the right proportions of the ingredients and that’s all.

How to DIY

Making your own e-juice is not as complex as you think, regardless, it does require that you follow some simple guidelines, substituting elements wherever they are necessary depending on your requirements. Here is a rundown of the guidelines:


  • Finding and Understanding a Vape Juice Recipe


To start with, you will want to find an e-liquid recipe that will suit your preference. Once you find your recipe, you want to pay close attention to the ratios and percentages of the elements that were used to create it so you can create your own DIY e-juice.


  • Measurements


Now you have your e-juice recipe, and a knowledge of the elements included, all that is left is to know just how much of each element you should be adding. If you take a look at your e-juice recipe, you will find that there is a percentage next to each element. You should take note of this as it is the amount of each element you will be adding when making your own e-juice.DIY Vaping: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice

  1.       Creating your E-juice

Now it’s time to do the magic. Make sure you are in a clean and safe environment, away from children and with the correct safety equipment worn. There are two mixing methods you can use; weight and volume.


  • By Weight


This method involves measuring on a set of scales. You will be mixing each element by grams until you get your desired percentage.


  • By Volume


When mixing by volume, you will want to have plenty syringes at hand. You wikll be using the syringes for each element, filling up the bottle using ML as your measurement until you get your desired percentage.


There are numerous DIY recipes you can try out if you decide to make your own e-juice. You can decide to pick any one of the many those flavour options or you can even decide to try something completely out of the box. Whatever it is, what you need is simple, and the procedure is not daunting. Just make sure you get all the elements from approved manufacturers like flavorah. Have fun experimenting and creating eclectic vape juices.