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Cush Man E-liquid by Nasty Juice Review


Take your taste buds on a satisfying tropical adventure with Cush Man by Nasty Juice. This is a refreshing mango e-liquid with a hint of mint. Each puff gives you a ripe, juicy mango flavor that will perk up your taste buds. Cush Man is one of the best mango e-liquids on the market.

Nasty Juice is unlike any other mango e-liquid on the market. Instead, Cush Man tastes just like fresh mangoes.

Nasty Juice is an e-juice maker from Tampin, Malaysia. All the company’s e-liquids are made with high-grade ingredients so you can expect nothing but a clean taste. Nasty Juice has a variety of exciting flavor in its collection.

Only a few things can compare to the refreshing taste of ripe mango on a hot day. That is exactly what you get from Cush Man. It will leave you longing for more. It tastes just like a glass of fresh mango juice. The flavor is so accurate. The mint in this e-liquid accentuates the mango flavor.

The authentic taste of ripe mangoes in Cush Man will make you enjoy the summer even more. On the inhale, you get the sweet and slightly tangy taste of ripe mangoes with a bit of mint. On the exhale, the taste remains the same, but the mint flavor comes out.

Cush Man is available with varying nicotine strength levels. If you are not a fan of nicotine, Nasty Juice has a version of Cush Man with 0mg of nicotine. It is also available with 3mg and 6mg of nicotine. This e-juice has a mild throat hit. It is not harsh at all.

Cush Man by Nasty Juice has a Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This means you will get enormous clouds of vapor from every puff. This e-liquid is suitable for vaping with a sub ohm tank or a dripper.

All Nasty Juice e-liquids have a colorful packaging design with an artistic design on the boxes and bottles. Cush Man is packaged in a gorilla unicorn with a childproof cap. You can grab a bottle of the Cush Man at the Smokly online store for just $15.95. If you love mangoes, then you must try Cush Man.