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Bo One Starter Kit by Bo Vaping Review


The Bo One is the first device from Bo Vaping, and honestly, this is an impressive device in every way. It is sleek, well-designed, and performs impressively. The Bo One is Bo Vaping’s response to the Juul by Pax. Both devices are similar in many ways. However, the Bo One is slightly longer than the Juul. It comes with bigger pods and a more powerful battery. If you want a device that is as simple as the Juul, but allows you to vape for longer periods before you need to recharge or change the pod, the Bo One is your answer.

The Bo One is designed in France by JWell. The device measures 101mm by 15mm by 8mm and weighs just 24.5g. This pod kit is very portable. You can fit it in your pocket or bag without any issues. What’s more, the Bo One is draw activated. It does not come with any button, so there is no chance of accidentally triggering it when you fit it in your pocket.

The Bo One has a ceramic Coating which feels nice in hand. This device comes with a 380mAh battery, compared to the 200mAh battery in the Juul. It may not last a whole day, but it will give you enough power to vape for some hours. The Bo One comes with a micro USB charger. The package also includes a 1500mAh portable power bank so you can power up the device and continue vaping while you are on-the-go. There is an LED light on the device which lights up when you take a puff. It shows a blue light when the battery is full. A white light flashes when it is around 50 percent. And a red light show when you need to recharge the device.

There’s really not much to be said about the battery of the Bo One. Now, to the pod. The pods of the Bo One are called Bo caps. There are over a dozen different flavors available for this device, and they come with either 8mg or 16mg of nicotine. Each pod can hold 1.5ml of e-juice, which is twice the capacity of Juul pods. Bo One pods come with tobacco, mint, fruity, dessert, creamy, and beverage flavors. The company even has pods with CBD.

The only downside to Bo pods is that they are not refillable. Now, the Bo One package includes two pods so you can start vaping once you get your hands on this device. The process of attaching the Bo cap to the Bo One battery is straightforward. Just slide the pod into the battery section. It fits firmly without any rattling.

The Bo One is leakproof. It also comes with dry hit protection and other safety features. You will get bigger clouds from the Bo One compared to the Juul – although the difference is not so much. Also, it has a smooth throat hit.

You can get the Bo One starter kit from the Superior Vapour online store for only $30.67. The device is available in different colors like blue, black, black rainbow, gold, grey, and camouflage.

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