Are E-Juice Flavors Dangerous for Your Health?

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    If you have been following the news in the vaping industry for some time, the chances are that you’ve come across articles that some e-liquid flavors may be dangerous to the health.

    There have been several studies to support these claims. As a result, some people have erroneously concluded that vaping is dangerous. In reality, these studies have never categorically branded vaping as dangerous. Instead, certain ingredients in e-juice flavorings have been identified as potentially harmful to human health. These ingredients include diacetyl, pentandedione, and other diketones.

    Since these studies were published, many e-juice manufacturers have completely eliminated the aforementioned ingredients from their products. If you are into DIY vape juice, it is important that you also ensure that your creations do not contain any potentially harmful additives. This is why you must only buy ingredients to make your own e-liquid from trusted brands.

    Now, most of the questionable ingredients identified as dangerous are found in e-juice flavor concentrates. Some people believe that only particular flavor concentrates contain diketones and other harmful ingredients. But that is wrong. Regardless of which e-juice flavoring you are using, it is essential to check the ingredient list and be completely sure that it is safe.

    If you are looking to buy e-juice flavor concentrates that you can trust, check out Flavorah has been around since 2013 and has earned a name in the industry thanks to the outstanding quality of its e-juice flavors. This company’s flavor concentrates do not contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or any diketones. There is a detailed list of all the ingredients in Flavorah’s e-juice flavor concentrates at the company’s online store. If you are an e-juice manufacturer based in Europe, you can apply for a detailed list of ingredients from Flavorah so you can get a TPD-compliant certification.

    All Flavorah’s flavorings are made with GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. They do not contain nicotine, tobacco extracts, dilutants, coloring, or sweetener. Flavorah makes all its e-juice flavor concentrates in-house. The company has a 2,000 square-feet Kosher-grade facility where most of its manufacturing and packaging takes place.

    Flavorah’s e-juice concentrates are designed for further processing. You cannot vape them straight. The flavor concentrates need to be mixed with vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine or cannabidiol (CBD) before they can be vaped.

    Flavorah’s e-juice flavor concentrates come in 10ml or 15ml bottles. You can also get them in gallons. Flavorah has a vast array of flavors that you can choose from, including fruity, beverage, herbal, bakery, dessert, tobacco, and more. Although this company sells premium flavor concentrates, its prices are very affordable. Check out for more information.